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The Burrendong Arboretum is a unique attraction in the Wellington area and is an ideal environment for half and full day excursion by students of all ages.

See EDU. pdf  for syllabus of all stages

It contains:

  1. over 1000 species of native plants from all around Australia, growing in different soils and landscape features

  2. Themed displays including a rainforest, plant family groupings, bush tucker and waterwise gardens with interpretive signage

  3. A well established fully operational nursery and propagation shadehouse

  4. A well resourced visitor centre with knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff and volunteers

A workshop was conducted, some years ago, with local teachers, Arboretum staff and volunteers and visiting educators from the Botanic Gardens Trust in Sydney.

Five key locations (with meeting areas, toilet facilities etc.) with good access for coaches were identified as highly suitable for outdoor learning experiences related to many Key Learning Areas. Lesson outlines were developed for the following and suggestions for pre- and post- visit activities were explored.

If you would like to bring your class out here (possibly with another teacher’s group) for any of the above or any session relevant to your studies please contact the Arboretum on 6846 7454 or email to , to discuss options (including hands-on resources available for your use)

Points to note:-  Ideal times of the year – April/May/June    Sept/Oct/Nov. The summer months and early autumn can be hot and although there is still much to see and do it may be difficult for the children to concentrate. Fern Gully is a year round project though.

Other locations that might interest are the

  1. 1.Regeneration Area, a remnant white box woodland showing some original understory grasses, herbs and shrubs. Spring is the best time to view this area.

  2. 2.Catchment management comparisons eg Arboretum  no grazing, little disturbance. Farming  [on western  boundary] cropping and grazing, major changes. Tourism  [Lake Burrendong State Park, adjoining] high visitor use and high disturbance eg sealed roads, lawns buildings etc.

OH&S:- A safety audit has been done for Arboretum and we have conducted a risk assessment relevant to visiting school groups along the lines of that used at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. We also supply a list of “things to bring” eg hats, water bottles, packed lunch etc and any resources that we are able to supply..

Charges:- There is a $35 entrance charge for coaches and $25 for minibuses. Should you require additional adults familiar with the Arboretum we can arrange for volunteer guides to assist, free of charge. We are in the process of building up this resource and ask visiting groups to please leave us a copy of their lesson plan for future groups. Please also fill in an evaluation sheet which you will be given.

Familiarisation:- Teachers are most welcome to book a free familiarisation session prior to a school visit.

Booking procedures:- Please book with the Curator a fortnight before your intended visit and discuss all aspects of the visit with him